What is Wallet?

Wallet is Trust of Connect2Grow Buyers. Wallet use ESCROW method. This service is use by our BUYERS and SUPPLIERS for making quick & safe trade, here both are in fully safe zone to meet their Trade.

How does wallet works ?

Buyer approved the quotation of Supplier, and meet the payment against that supplier from Connect2Grow through wallet. Supplier is immediately notified and he is safe to start with his further activities required for that trade.
Once Supplier meet demand of the Buyer’s as per decided norms for that promised trade, then Buyers ask Connect2Grow to release the amount towards Supplier. Connect2Grow immediately releases payment in the wallet of the Supplier. Supplier can withdraw the amount when ever required.

How much time does it take for withdrawals from Connect2Grow wallet?

It’s usually take 5-7 Working days depends on the country where supplier belongs to.

Does Supplier get charged for withdrawal from Connect2Grow wallet?

As of now there is NO CHARGE to use wallet and withdraw funds from wallet. It’s absolutely FREE of cost to use the wallet feature for making safe trade worldwide.

How long Supplier can keep money in their Connect2Grow wallet ?

There is no restriction to keep the funds in the wallet. Supplier can keep the funds in the wallet as long it requires and can even use for his other trade within Connect2Grow.