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Hooland Shipping Services is specialized in fresh water Reverse Osmosis and waste water treatment Biofilt solutions type MBR. That experience has been acquired over many years together with the market leader in open channel membrane technology. The Hooland Shipping Services team proudly delivers solutions at an international level as well as to the maritime application too.

Further to supplying technological solution, the owners aim from is to supply an efficient and cost effective after sales support. Our experience in the different sectors allows us to supply a quick solution and answer to the customer’s challenges. Either the challenge is looking for a treatment solution to a waste water stream, operation of plants or trouble shooting of systems till the supply of spares and chemicals.


We services into –
• Dosing Pumps
• Membrane Bioreactor Systems
• Reverse Osmosis
• Reverse Osmosis Membrane Preservative
• Brake Linking and Friction Materials

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  • Address Hooland Shipping Services,
    4/1 Gelsingforsskaya street
    St. Petersburg