Does Connect2Grow charges for Purchase Order?

No, Connect2Grow doesn`t charges any PO as of now.

What is FAQ section in Suppliers profile?

Suppliers can list FAQs which they expect buyers to know about the questions buyers may ask.

What analytical reports do you get?

Number of Profile Views, Number of RFQs Received, Number of likes to the profile.

How to contact Connect2Grow?

You can contact Connect2Grow through email or telephone or ticketing system. Refer Contact Us page for more details.

How different we are from other portals?

We don’t charge for PO. We are affordable and flexible with major IT features integrated in Connect2Grow portal by taking a revolutionary step in maritime industry. We always come up with all the marketing activites with the latest trends. We helps supplier to gain more business. Buyers are assisted by perfect supplier as per buyers needs and demands. Connect2Grow portal is easy to use and easy to access. We prefer Quality. We help in disputes.

How to use the free C2G credits?

Free Credits can be utilized for other products to purchase in Connect2Grow. For more details, check Usage Policy.

What are free C2G credits?

Free Credits are credits which Connect2Grow offers once you select Premium or Ultra Premium Package.

How connect2grow support system is?

We provide 24 / 7 support including email and telephonic support and ticketing system.

What is the validity for the packages?

Package validity may vary based on the package selection.

Are the prices high?

As per the comparison of other services the prices are reasonable.